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One of the most common issues we see investors struggle with are deals that are not underwritten properly. If a deal fails, the most common reason is the initial underwriting was not done properly. When this happens, the investor doesn’t see the return he/she projected and his/her investors do not get their return that was forecast.

Becoming an Underwriting Specialist is crucial to your success and credibility in the Commercial Real Estate Investing business. Imagine giving your deal to an investor or a lender and their response is, “This deal doesn’t work, it wasn’t underwritten properly,” and they then begin to ask you where you got certain numbers and you give answers that show you don’t know what you’re doing. Bye bye investor, bye bye lender.

The Underwriting Specialist certification takes you through the disciplines and skills needed to underwrite deals so you will have the confidence that the offer you put in will meet your and your investors’ financial goals.